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she cried, looking with terror at the undisguised hatred in his whole face, and especially in his cruel, menacing eyes
Sir Patrick rose in undisguised disgust, and followed the surgeon.
Sir Patrick made a final effort to escape the proposed conference--an undisguised effort, this time
And he sent every one away, except Raoul and the maid, who looked at Raoul with eyes of the most undisguised astonishment.
God bless me,' he said; and then, 'I must really ask you not to interfere, child,' in a tone of undisguised hostility.
If I were to bring you to the most loathsome den, and show you the revelation of undisguised vice--you should not blush.
It was horribly lonesome and dismal, and all the policemen he met regarded him with undisguised suspicion, and turned their lanterns on him and followed him about, and this had such an effect upon him at last that he began to feel as if he really had done something, and he got to slinking down the by-streets and hiding in dark doorways when he heard the regulation flip-flop approaching.
Making that reply, she looked round, and discovered Francine observing her with undisguised curiosity.
His countenance fell as he met my steady gaze, and he turned away in very obvious disappointment, and walked up to the fire-place, where he stood in an attitude of undisguised dejection, leaning against the chimney-piece with his forehead sunk upon his arm.
This defunding is undisguised show of power with the message: Gagawin namin dahil kaya namin.
Mr Benneworth is obviously anti-Brexit, which he is entitled to be, but his undisguised venom is not directed at the people who voted for Brexit but at the Tories who are in the position of having to deliver Brexit.
Al-Dukan, in a statement announced here today, emphasized that such targeting, has exposed to all Muslims, the real undisguised face of that militia, and those stood behind it, in full support, who harbor flagrant animosity to Islam and Muslims and what these militias are concealing of obnoxious and satanic machinations.
The Champions Cup takes place in Australia in an undisguised attempt by both clubs to expand their Australasian fanbase.
7 million, although many others suggest the true and undisguised figure is somewhere nearer PS300 million.
A North Korean People's Army general staff was quoted as saying: "Key Resolve and Foal Eagle are an undisguised encroachment upon the sovereignty and dignity of the DPRK, and unpardonable war hysteria of dishonest hostile forces.