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not discriminating

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Courts have abandoned the defense of these rights, and conservatives have encouraged this abandonment by careless, undiscriminating rhetoric denouncing ''judicial activism.
The real enemy of terrorism is not endless and undiscriminating checking, but intelligence, gathered on the ground.
For those who practice one or another form of historical anthropology, his research is often seen--by implication--as dated and immersed in undiscriminating detail.
His self-indulgence, so seemingly undiscriminating, is anything but selfish; it is endearing and ultimately contagious.
All eyes turned to economic regeneration and anything that created jobs and prosperity was to be grasped and encouraged, which meant the city was rather undiscriminating in what it allowed to be built.
Markey, dean of the Massachusetts delegation and who is running against fellow Democrat Stephen Lynch in a special election for US Senate, said the undiscriminating cuts resulting from sequestration could be staved off with targeted cuts to defense spending and nuclear weapons, ending oil subsidies, and reforming the tax code.
Shrink the problem: AIIM Industry Watch reports that 26% of companies have undiscriminating policies on deletion of all emails.
Each piece poses an undiscriminating threat to the space assets of all actors, including those that created it in the first place.
The electorate's undiscriminating disdain for prolonged legislative bickering will always impose a large roadblock to ambitious reforms, many of which require prolonged bargaining.
For most of the review, Henighan makes me out to be a plodding, undiscriminating, thematic sermonizer; I think the book is more measured, nuanced and sophisticated than that.
In "The Chapbook Collection" (41-51), Noel Kissane and Patricia 3Moloney provide an account of the National Folklore Collection's holdings of two hundred or so of these "small, cheap, popular books or pamphlets" (44) which contained literature which appealed to "an unsophisticated and undiscriminating readership, juvenile or adult" (45)--a readership which did not generally have access to other forms of literature.
But in her eagerness to warn her adopted country of its impending peril, she became a strident and undiscriminating warrior against every aspect of government-inspired economic and social legislation.
Finally, Deqbasi called on the embattled leaders to stop their violent repressions of their people and to compensate those affected by the undiscriminating heavy force they used against protesters.
He said the Moroccan forces had "repressed in a ferocious and undiscriminating fashion the defenceless civilians who found themselves in the camp".
Hard-working local lenders have been caught up in an undiscriminating dragnet of financial reform.