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any of various female water spirits

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Undine Place, LLC, 2712 Undine Place, Bellingham, 604319231
Ralph imagines that he has found in Undine not only a beguiling curiosity but also a curious fellow traveler.
Similarly, one of Wharton's characters describes Undine as "a monstrously perfect result of the system" (27), not to mention the fact that her initials are U.S., as Candace Waid and others have noted (154).
Carlton-McGinnis - Twonna Undine Carlton-McGinnis, 59, of Junction City died Oct.
(5.) Sarah Emsley suggests that Lady Susan influenced Wharton's 1913 novel The Custom of the Country: "Undine and Lady Susan are both characters stripped down to the bone of essential self-interest."
And then, in February, it will tour to Maribor and Ljubljana, in Slovenia, and to Brescia and Undine in Italy, again with Petrenko at the helm.
"My mum, Undine, is over the moon with it and we are all really touched.
Arthur Eade from Sunderland who died while on his way to Old Trafford, pictured with wife Undine and <Bgrandson Kieran
The series is based on Edith Wharton's 1913 novel by the same name and revolves around a story of a highly ambitious New York based actress Undine Spragg.
The dead man had been working for Undine Marine Industries, the company brought in to lead search efforts on the Sewol ferry, which capsized and sank about 20 km off the southwest coast of South Korea on April 16 with 476 passengers and crew on board.
State news agency Yonhap reported that Mr Lee was a veteran crew member of Undine Marine Industries, which specialises in maritime engineering and rescue work.
The ministry said elite navy divers were prevented from trying to access the ship in the immediate aftermath of the capsize, because the coastguard -- which had operational control of the rescue mission -- wanted divers working for a private company called Undine Marine Industry to go first.
"Incorporation, Queer Exuberance, and Moral Containment: Undine in Moby-Dick and The Marble Faun" Alec Magnet, City College of New York
degli Studi di Undine, Italy) examine fixed points, periodic points, and chaotic dynamics for continuous maps with applications to population dynamics.