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any of various female water spirits

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In explaining the proliferation of "women of the type of Undine Spragg," this reviewer alludes to "the inherent difference in faculty between men and women, and an equally apparent difference in adaptability" (202).
puede ser que se inspirara mas bien en la lectura de una de tantas baladas o poemas de tema de ninfas y espiritus del agua (pensamos en Die Undine de F.
It is a form of resistance that Wharton explores further in The Custom of the Country, where the opposition between Wall Street and Fifth Avenue is an equally recurrent trope (27) and where the clash between status culture (represented by the French aristocrat Raymond de Chelles) and class culture (represented by the American Midwestern social climber Undine Spragg) is also integral to the novel's plot.
Arthur Eade from Sunderland who died while on his way to Old Trafford, pictured with wife Undine and <Bgrandson Kieran
Johansson, who gave birth to her daughter Rose on September 4, will be seen in the role of the lead character Undine Spragg in an eight-episode series, reveals Deadline.
The ministry said elite navy divers were prevented from trying to access the ship in the immediate aftermath of the capsize, because the coastguard -- which had operational control of the rescue mission -- wanted divers working for a private company called Undine Marine Industry to go first.
Incorporation, Queer Exuberance, and Moral Containment: Undine in Moby-Dick and The Marble Faun" Alec Magnet, City College of New York
Michael Kohlhaas (1810/1811); Der blonde Eckbert (O loiro Eckbert, 1797), Der Runenberg (A montanha das runas, 1804), de Ludwig Tieck (1773-1853); Undine (1811), de Friedrich de la Motte-Fouque (1777-1843); Peter Schlemihls wundersame Geschichte (A historia maravilhosa de Peter Schlemihl, 1813), de Adelbert von Chamisso (1781-1838); Klein Zaches, genannt Zinnober (O pequeno Zacharias, chamado Cinabrio, 1819) e Der goldne Topf (O pote de ouro, 1814/1819), de E.
degli Studi di Undine, Italy) examine fixed points, periodic points, and chaotic dynamics for continuous maps with applications to population dynamics.
A case in point is Friedrich de La Motte Fouque's novella Undine (1811), which influenced Wagner, Mann and Atwood.
Colorimetric in situ hybridization was performed on 4-[micro]m thick tissue sections, mounted on 3-aminopropyl-triethoxylane-coated slides (Fisher Scientific, Freemont, CA, USA) by using a 28-nt oligomer probe (5'-ACATGGCTGTAAGCATTGGTGTGAAGTA-3') complementary to the capsid region of BoAstV-NeuroS1 and 3'-labeled with digoxigenin-II-dideoxy undine (Eurofins MWG Operon (Huntsville, AL, USA).
His role in Before the Fall won him an award at Austria's Undine that came with a three-month scholarship at the Strasberg Institute, where he met Method acting teacher Mauricio Bustamante, a major influence.
The lucky waitress, Undine Orth, revealed to the publication that the bill amounted to more than 700 pounds and the star whipped out almost 1,200 pounds.
These tales orten delve into mysteriously foreboding realms or the hidden recesses of the human psyche, and many end in such dark depths: the hero of Ludwig Tieck's Der blonde Eckbert descends into insanity, and the heroine of Friedrich de la Motte Fouque's Undine must kill her beloved Huldbrand.
Edith Wharton's depiction of the socially ambitious Undine Spragg's peregrinations through New York and French "society" suggests that The Custom oldie Country, like so many of Wharton's novels, is concerned with the boundaries separating social groups.