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Synonyms for undimmed

not made dim or less bright



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However, she insisted she would press forward with the reform agenda she set out when she first arrived in 10 Downing Street a year ago, saying: "My commitment to changing Britain is undimmed.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, her enthusiasm for Abdel Fattah el-Sisi remains undimmed.
Her enthusiasm and passion remain undimmed even as the limits of her existence press in.
But the affection in which many people held her was undimmed and, 18 years after her death, her legacy lives on in many people's minds - and in the name of a brand new Princess.
His movement, touch and confidence remain undimmed by the struggles of those around him and when another opportunity affords itself even as late as this in a game he is ready to strike.
According to Sport24, although Williams failed to become the first woman since Steffi Graf in 1988 to win a season Grand Slam after her Melbourne defeat, however, her enthusiasm for tennis remains undimmed despite nearly 20 years as a professional.
Mourinho (right) is set to stick with the strikers he has for the rest of this season but his interest in the England star remains undimmed.
Although she found her failing strength frustrating, right up until her last week Grace's memory and intellect were undimmed.
Since his comeback to the stage in 2008 after a 15-year hiatus, the writer, poet, troubadour and hugely influential artist's popularity remains undimmed.
Others will emerge in the place of the scum who have been jailed for their part, but the shame and anger against the drug dealers should be undimmed.
But time has taken its toll, for now he trundles through Moseley on a motorised wheelchair, but it is good to see that his spirit remains undimmed.
HE might have retired but the public's love affair with Frankel remains undimmed judged by the number of Christmas cards he has received, writes David Milnes.
Forty years on, the memories are undimmed, the joy still overflows and the tall tales just get taller.
Yanmar has been a staunch supporter of Shinji Kagawa ever since his professional debut at the age of 17, and our enthusiasm for him remains undimmed.
The 37-year-old's popularity remains undimmed, even though he has not played his club football in England for nine years now.