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Synonyms for undiminished

not lessened or diminished


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It still looms in my memory with undiminished grandeur.
In the shadow of an archway nearly opposite, leading to one of the many passages which diverged from the main street, there lingered one, who, having taken up his position when the twilight first came on, still maintained it with undiminished patience, and leaning against the wall with the manner of a person who had a long time to wait, and being well used to it was quite resigned, scarcely changed his attitude for the hour together.
From fire to oil was a natural transition for burned fingers, and Amy fell to painting with undiminished ardor.
Once he called his son's name in a loud voice; but receiving no reply he launched his great weight, backed by all the undiminished power of his giant muscles, against the heavy door.
They therefore continued to advance with undiminished gayety.
As a matter of fact," said I, put to shame by the undiminished good-humor of my neighbor, "some one did; but he's gone now, so let him be.
He hoped to catch a glimpse, each time, of the Victoria; and, although he looked vainly during all that long, fatiguing day of sore foot-travel, his confident reliance on his master remained undiminished.
The deck-full of blacks shrieked their merriment, and Jerry, his rage undiminished, his immediate antagonist out of the battle, mistaking himself as the object of the laughter of the blacks, turned upon them, charging and slashing the many legs that fled before him.
For Michael was mastered by his expectation that he would meet Steward, and he looked for him around the first corner, and around all corners with undiminished zeal.
He turned again, with undiminished courtesy, to Geoffrey.
That's the WACA I remember ho, ho yeah," gushed the 77-year-old, whose love of the contest between bat and ball remains undiminished.
Addressing a government meeting, Hamdallah vowed that Palestinians would continue to fight with undiminished zeal and spirit until their aspirations of statehood come to fruition.
ISLAMABAD -- The Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, adopted by a vote on 7 July 2017 in New York, did not fulfill the essential conditions - both in terms of process and substance- the right of each State to security and undiminished security for all States at the lowest possible level of armaments and military forces, Foreign Office said here Monday.
But while it appears his punching power is undiminished, by his previously standards he appeared slower.
Chief executive Stuart Gulliver will set out the cuts at an investor event next Tuesday as he seeks to reassure shareholders that the banking giant's focus on cutting costs remains undiminished after a series of recent scandals, according to Sky News.