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lacking dignity


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Walking rapidly at times, and even occasionally breaking into an undignified hop-skip-and-run, Captain Davenport inspected his ship's deck.
Your aunt hates the sight of me--but I don't care two straws for that," remarked Lady Lydiard, showing the undignified side of her character once more.
She waited at home, privately ashamed of her own undignified conduct, for the next two days.
So my new concept was that manual labour was undignified, and that it didn't pay.
Gresham was a very good man and a very religious man, but he told too many funny stories and made the people laugh in church; he was undignified, and you must have some dignity about a minister, mustn't you, Matthew?
First the new-born child found a tortoise and from its shell contrived the lyre; next, with much cunning circumstance, he stole Apollo's cattle and, when charged with the theft by Apollo, forced that god to appear in undignified guise before the tribunal of Zeus.
It may be a very undignified circumstances to record, but after he had folded this letter and placed it in his pocket-book, Nicholas Nickleby's eyes were dimmed with a moisture that might have been taken for tears.
He was prolix, but, chiefly, he was undignified in appearance and manner and lacked a good delivery.
For two days I fought against the strong desire to go there that had suddenly seized me, and assured myself that I would not go, that it would be absurd to go, undignified, sentimental, and silly, that I did not know them and would be in an awkward position, and that I was old enough to know better.
Tarzan, standing upon the edge of the pit, smiled as he watched Tantor's undignified flight.
It is due to him to say that his fantastic physical strength was generally employed in such bloodless though undignified scenes; his real crimes were chiefly those of ingenious and wholesale robbery.
But reflecting that this would be undignified, he turned back again, and clearing his throat, he went up to the bedroom.
We both bounced into the parlour in a highly abrupt and undignified manner.
You may well call it prowling," returned the naturalist, nestling still closer to her side, and dropping his voice to such low and undignified tones of confidence, as conveyed a meaning still more pointed than he had intended.
Behind this domestic, Mr and Mrs Boffin took their seats in the back compartment of the vehicle: which was sufficiently commodious, but had an undignified and alarming tendency, in getting over a rough crossing, to hiccup itself away from the front compartment.