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lacking dignity


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She was also extremely jealous, and had a way of signifying disapproval of my methods that led to many coldnesses and even bickerings between us, which I now see to have been undignified.
My husband made the cat some pink brains, but they proved to be too high- bred and particular for a cat, so she thinks it is undignified in her to catch mice.
But, too quickly for her, Bob whirled again, though this time, by a severe effort, she saved herself from the undignified position against his neck.
But reflecting that this would be undignified, he turned back again, and clearing his throat, he went up to the bedroom.
I would still be merrily disposed at times; and as my pleasures were (to say the least) undignified, and I was not only well known and highly considered, but growing towards the elderly man, this incoherency of my life was daily growing more unwelcome.
I am sure, on the other hand, that he was acutely miserable; and he betrayed his sufferings by a perfectly silly and undignified access of temper, during which he broke his pipe in several pieces, threw his brandy and water in the fire, and employed words which were very plain although the drift of them was somewhat vague.
It suddenly seemed to me that this commonplace, prosaic tea was horribly undignified and paltry after all that had happened, and I blushed crimson.
It belongs only to the French--though a few other Europeans have elaborated their forms so well as to be able to figure with extreme dignity, and yet be wholly undignified persons.
Pingu, In faux fur boots, Than to take an undignified, Bone crunching dive, So, best walk like a penguin, In these Antarctic conditions, 'Cos they look after their nest-eggs, They certainly know how to survive.
Reckless, outrageous, and undignified behavior has become excused and countenanced as 'telling it like it is,' when it is actually just reckless, outrageous, and undignified.
He was previously reprimanded by the commission in 2001 for inappropriate, undignified and demeaning behavior toward women in his courtroom including telling a female lawyer she was in for a good spanking.
These undignified comments do not live up to the standards of an institution as respectable and high-performing as the Spanish league.
Displaying another country's flag in the office that belongs to the Macedonian speaker of parliament is a disgraceful and undignified act.
I don't think anybody would want their colleagues to see them in that undignified state.
alone must be fed by caregivers--they find it to be an undignified, frustrating and conspicuous experience.