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loss of structural differentiation within a cell or group of cells often with increased capacity for multiplication, as in a malignant tumor

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The rule is general disinhibition, gregariousness, the presence of ancestors among people, social undifferentiation, when the slave temporarily becomes Emperor and vice versa.
In his account, the spectator regresses (if only fantasmatically) to an infantile and indeed "primitive undifferentiation of the ego and the non-ego" (46).
Mills (2006) points out that Freud (1920) initially situates his argument within the language of embryology, and postulates that a living organism in its most simplified form is in a state of undifferentiation yet is susceptible to stimulation from the many forces that comprise the external world.
This inexpressible longing for or of a transindividual realm, a boundlessness permeated by voices shared and sharing, is reminiscent of what Freud terms "entropy," the "desire for undifferentiation" of the child who has no sense of difference between self and other, subject and object (Jackson 72-73).
American Horror Story's reiterations of the same, its proliferation of mimetic semblables, mark the entropic drift of the series toward sameness, undifferentiation, and extinction.
Rosemary Jackson explains that the death drive--the most fundamental impulse in human beings--reflects a "desire for undifferentiation" (72), a dissolution of all boundaries between self and other: "Freud sees it as the most radical form of the pleasure principle, a longing for Nirvana, where all tensions are reduced.
In other words, the sublime itself never articulates because the sublime experience is, by definition, the phenomenon of undifferentiation and the unfixing of meaning and identity.
However, such diversity in advanced degenerative disease could be expected since these diseases are a downhill path toward undifferentiation due to the deregulation of differentiation pathways, and their phenotypes can be reached through several ontogenic pathways.
The reduction of its expression leads to changes in the expression of major transcription factors that are essential for maintaining pluripotency and undifferentiation. Further studies need to be performed to further investigate this correlation.
In the "collective murder" that is alleged to stand at the origin of rituals of transference, the immediate cause is a breakdown of social ordering, an "undifferentiation" provoked by plague, war, famine, or some other social disaster.
However, in recent decades, evidences from literature 4-6 tended to show that MFH represents a final common pathway in soft tissue tumors that undergo progression towards undifferentiation and in 2002; the World Health Organization (WHO) declassified MFH as a formal diagnostic entity and renamed it as an undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma not otherwise specified.7
Every lot of reagents is tested for quality, purity and the effective maintenance of pluripotent stem cells over multiple passages to ensure health, morphology and undifferentiation. The supplement is part of a range of stem cell products that includes feeder cells, recombinant mLIF, media and freezing solutions that each offer reproducible performance and high consistency from lot-to-lot.
(2010).The development of the gender role of college students: A comparative study between undifferentiation and androgyny.
The thematic cluster of the plague includes 1) the violation of a taboo code, 2) a process of undifferentiation (for instance, between parents and children, rulers and common people), 3) the existence of mimetic doubles, and 4) the designation of scapegoats and sacrificial elements ("The Plague" 136-49).