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not differentiated


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He argues that with the rise of neoclassical economics, an older, undifferentiatedly two-dimensional conception of competition became "horizontalized." In consequence, he contends, labor efforts to secure higher wages came to be viewed as vertical, political conduct rather than horizontal, economic activity.(272)
Walicki's usually careful analysis breaks down here, for he considers "the market" abstractly, ahistorically, and undifferentiatedly; he makes it theoretically central for Marx (for whom, on the contrary, production was basic and distribution through markets derivative); and I find no evidence that Marx wished to eliminate individual choice in the "realm of freedom" beyond the production of necessities.
Many would evidently prefer to see 'the feminists' (as more than one contributor undifferentiatedly labels the enemy) do the decent thing and leave the ecclesiastical institutions to which they belong; then business could get back to normal.
It is happening again now as women with all sorts of different pathologies (including eating disorders) are being conceptualized as victims of abuse, as "survivors." "Abuse" is becoming just as all-encompassing a term as "rejection" was in the 1950s, so that verbal abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and so forth, no matter what the developmental stage at which they may have been experienced, are all undifferentiatedly "abuse" (or sometimes "trauma," to fit with the diagnostic category "post-traumatic stress disorder").
But those authors attribute this view superficially and undifferentiatedly to the entire tradition of metaphysics, to metaphysics as such.