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not differentiated


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A comparison of histologic patterns to pain assessments in the records of 233 patients found that those with undifferentiated or mixed disease were nearly three times more likely to have severe or incapacitating pain before surgery, compared with patients with stromal or well-differentiated disease.
Undifferentiated personal-lines and small-commercial insurers, particularly those with high cost structures and minimal control over and loyalty from existing distribution channels, risk being squeezed from the market by the tighter margins enabled by Internet transactions.
Stem cells removed from the blastocyst are grown in a culture on a layer of feeder cells that provide the necessary environment to keep them alive and in an undifferentiated state.
Four TNF-a inhibitors are currently marketed for PsA and AS, with a fifth - UCB/Otsuka's Cimzia - in Phase III trials for PsA and axial spondyloarthritis (SpA; includes AS and undifferentiated axial SpA).
Undifferentiated carcinoma (also known as anaplastic carcinoma) of the thyroid gland is a highly aggressive malignant neoplasm composed of undifferentiated cells that exhibit immunohistochemical or ultrastructural epithelial differentiation.
Undifferentiated endometrial carcinoma (UEC) has been concisely referred to only in the most traditional anatomic pathology textbooks.
INTRODUCTION: Small cell undifferentiated (neuroendocrine) carcinoma in the head and neck region arises primarily from salivary glands, mainly parotid as well as in larynx, but rarely/uncommonly in the sino-nasal region (3).
The properties of this protein make it essential for culturing stem cells, enabling the long-term maintenance and propagation of undifferentiated mouse embryonic and induced pluripotent cells.
This section is full of clinical "pearls," particularly relating to the patient with undifferentiated fever.
In undifferentiated cells, exposure to 5 [micro]M CPF for 1-3 days reduced DNA synthesis significantly without eliciting cytotoxicity.
SAN DIEGO -- For the first time, a randomized trial has demonstrated that treatment of early undifferentiated arthritis with methotrexate can prevent progression to rheumatoid arthritis, Dr.
There is a similar but more complex and subtle shift from figuration to abstraction in the two works from the "Autochromes" series, which consists of large reproductions of early color photographs that have become almost undifferentiated monochrome surfaces.
Because all three regulators bind to 353 of the genes, the researchers concluded that the regulator proteins work together in keeping a stem cell undifferentiated.
He missed 43 games last season because of undifferentiated inflammatory arthritis in his back, which took weeks to diagnose.