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Synonyms for undesiring

having or feeling no desire


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While certainly the more positive images of eldersex that have accompanied the pharmaceutical reconstruction of sexual life courses are an improvement over past views that saw older people as both undesiring and undesirable, I have suggested that caution should be exercised regarding an overly celebratory reading of the new discourse of "sexy seniors." The biomedical re-sexing of aging bodies is profoundly heteronormative and phallocentric, and the hegemonic framing of sexuality as an innate, biological drive, or imperative weighs heavily.
Their inviolability makes them fields of erotic play through which female desirers, and queer desirers, acquire opportunities to gaze, a surprising agency to roam the inhospitable expanse of beautiful and undesiring men.
The only hope for change is the coming of 'les Futurs', a new generation of clones with different yet unspecified properties, and it appears that their presence on the mental horizon may simply be a technical requirement for the current clones to function--the existence of hope in an undesiring, infertile world of the future.
A closer darkness upon her slumber, a deeper voice in the murmuring leaves overhead--that would be all she would know of his undesiring and unjudging gaze, his satisfied but profoundly indifferent ownership.
But the best of all means of seizing a center that can never really be shared is to appear not to be affected by the model or other(s) at all, to be undesiring, autonomous, confident or, in the universal terminology of those who experience this struggle in its rawest, least camouflaged form (I mean the young), "cool." The absence of betrayed desire for the external objects wanted by others irresistibly suggests a (gratified!) desire for oneself, thus attracting imitation in turn.