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Manifested in people, buildings, neighborhoods, and streets, the city's "undescribable filth" (as one visitor called it) threatened its status as a modern space and transformed New York into a primary target for the American System's standardizing agenda ("Boss M'Laughlin's Domain" 1).
"It's undescribable," the German said as chants of "Ole, Ole, Ole" echoed across the course.
Glimmers, forever sought, forever lost.--(416-31) Shelley uses such extended reversed similes in order to describe the undescribable, as Dante did with his angels and eternal landscapes.
"We say they went to that house together and carried out a lethal contract - a crime of undescribable savagery." The jury was also played the harrowing 999 call made by Mrs Ahmed, after she had been stabbed and as her son and husband lay injured.
Another Gazan mother Usame Ebul Asel said that she had not seen her son for 22 years, and she was in an undescribable pain.
I had no shoes, just bare feet and jeans on, but the feeling was undescribable.
The power in the water was undescribable. I could feel that the boat was going up a wave that was actually carrying us backward.
Neil Young said Waits is "undescribable and I'm here to describe him."
She said: "The pain was undescribable. It felt like my chest was being crushed.
After this "emotional" description loaded with qualifiers, indicating that the prophet was searching for the right words to describe the undescribable, (56) Ezekiel falls to the ground in a faint.
"It's undescribable, the feeling, with so many people watching," she said.
He began, in a tone of great Taste & Feeling, to talk of the Sea & the Sea shore--& ran with Energy through all the usual Phrases employed in praise of their Sublimity, & descriptive of the undescribable Emotions they excite in the Mind of Sensibility....
Beddoes writes of a hypochondriac for whom the "movement of a pen over rough furrowed writing paper has brought on an undescribable .jarring, like a general tooth-edge, which seemed to pass to the bowels and proceed there with redoubled and excruciating violence" (8:77).
"It's unbelievable, undescribable," Sherwood coach Jon Strohmaier said.
"I had a back problem that crushed all my sciatic nerve and the pain was undescribable.