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Synonyms for underwriter

one who assumes financial responsibility for another

Synonyms for underwriter

a banker who deals chiefly in underwriting new securities

an agent who sells insurance

a financial institution that sells insurance

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The scope of decisions that an underwriter can make without receiving approval from someone at a higher level.
As mentioned earlier, when expressed as a yield, interest cost is composed of both the reoffering yield and the underwriter discount.
It's been no different with Fannie Mae's Collateral Underwriter. But many without day-to-day knowledge of Collateral Underwriter are still confused about what it actually does.
Collateral Underwriter is Fannie Mae's proprietary appraisal analysis application, providing lenders access to analytics as well as underlying appraisal, public records and other data when evaluating the risk on an appraisal.
In 2011, Mr Tabaja was promoted to senior underwriter energy.
Underwriter as Customer Advocate: As the customer experience takes on new importance, tomorrow's underwriters will help shape the solutions across the network of relationships required to meet higher agent, business owner and consumer expectations.
Employment of underwriters is expected to drop by four percent by 2018, with the steepest drop felt in the most highly commoditized lines of business that lend themselves best to automation.
The study also found underwriter visits and calls to agents to be the most effective means of communications between customer service representatives and carriers, over emails, company newsletters and Internet postings.
That's why meetings between an insured and the underwriter play a vital role in getting underwriters to appreciate the nuances that a particular insured presents.
The underwriting process will run more smoothly if the brokerage underwriter is consulted prior to the submission of the application.
New Empire Underwriters Standalone Workers Comp Offering Targets Staffing Firms
In a regulatory filing earlier, Insmed reported that, as previously announced, the company and William Lewis, Chairman and CEO, referred to as the "selling shareholder", entered into an underwriting agreement, dated May 21, with Morgan Stanley, SVB Leerink and Goldman Sachs as managers of the underwriters, pursuant to which the company agreed to sell to the underwriters, and the underwriters agreed to purchase from the company, 9,615,385 shares of common stock.
In a rare move, Berkshire Hathaway is selling one of its companies, leading workers' compensation specialist Applied Underwriters, in order to avoid conflict with its other workers' compensation businesses.