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Synonyms for underwrite



Synonyms for underwrite

guarantee financial support of

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Agents can underwrite the risks before they submit the policy, which benefits both agents and customers in different ways.
8) Underwriting and dealing in, to a limited extent, all types of debt and equity securities that a member bank may not underwrite or deal in, except for ownership interests in open-end investment companies ("bank-ineligible securities"); and
5) Underwriting and dealing in government obligations and money market instruments in which state member banks may underwrite and deal under 12 U.
Through our relationship with "A" rated, admitted carriers, Britt/Paulk has capacity to underwrite risk such as coastal wind and quake.
Western & Southern Financial Group's iNB system increases the speed with which the Cincinnati-based company can underwrite and issue policies, in addition to helping increase back-office efficiencies.
the provider of the most widely-used network for electronic mortgage document collaboration, were able to underwrite more loans per day and streamline the notification and conditions process.
Its dedicated entertainment unit has expertise in full-length feature films, documentaries, television and commercials, and has the financial capacity to underwrite major feature films with production costs of over $200 million.