underwater archeology

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the archeology of underwater sites

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We can provide a forum for professional research in underwater archeology.
This is a collection of papers by experts in the fields of historic artillery and underwater archeology, presented at the international symposium Ships and Guns held at University Ca' Foscari, Venice December 2008.
Using his information the Croatian Conservation Institute, in collaboration with the Department of Underwater Archeology in Zagreb, launched an investigation.
See the website of the Underwater Archeology Branch of the Naval Historical Center at www.
Even if they're not interested in underwater archeology, they have the experience of real science being done," said Brandi.
This virtual museum guides you through the basics of underwater archeology, with exhibits on the Titanic, the world's oldest ships, and more.
It's a significant discovery,'' said Jeffrey Crow, director of the Division of Archives and History in the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, which oversees the underwater archeology work.
This will be discussed in an international underwater archeology conference that should take place in Alexandria in April under the auspices of Alexandria University.
Bass, a pioneer in underwater archeology, film icons Clint Eastwood and Mel Brooks, U.
Provision of cleaning services for the buildings where the headquarters of the Andalusian Institute of Historical Heritage in Seville and the Center for Underwater Archeology, its furniture, glassware and other existing equipment are located, as well as maintenance services for these buildings and Facilities located therein, as well as to maintain the useful life of some of its facilities, promoting the protection of the environment and stability in employment.
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