underwater archeology

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the archeology of underwater sites

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The team included the Center for Marine Archeology at the University of Southampton, the Center for Underwater Archeology in Sozopol, as well as leading scientists from all over the world.
Using his information the Croatian Conservation Institute, in collaboration with the Department of Underwater Archeology in Zagreb, launched an investigation.
See the website of the Underwater Archeology Branch of the Naval Historical Center at www.history.navy.mil/branches/nhcorg12.htm for the Navy's guidelines and archeological research permit application on ship and aircraft wrecks.
Even if they're not interested in underwater archeology, they have the experience of real science being done," said Brandi.
This virtual museum guides you through the basics of underwater archeology, with exhibits on the Titanic, the world's oldest ships, and more.
This will be discussed in an international underwater archeology conference that should take place in Alexandria in April under the auspices of Alexandria University.
He added also that next year will begin the work on the creation of the Museum of Underwater Archeology on the island of St.
Skowronek (Archeology Research Lab, Santa Clara U.) and Fischer (founder, underwater archeology program, National Park Service) trace the ship's history and the scientifically and legally complex salvage process.
According to a report by NBC (National Broadcasting Corporation), in 2007, Mark Holley, professor of underwater archeology at Northwestern Michigan College, discovered a series of stones arranged in a circle 40 feet below the surface of Lake Michigan.
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