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Synonyms for undertow

an inclination contrary to the strongest or prevailing feeling

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the seaward undercurrent created after waves have broken on the shore

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Undertow: Death's Twilight is available in E-Book format as well as Paperback on Amazon.
Many are caught in the riptide or undertow, which is common off Burj Beach, among other spots.
The Murud beach has a dangerous undertow. The students were warned by local residents not to go far out in the sea but ignored the warnings, according to police.
Undertow stayed on well to score at 9-2 after touching no bigger than 13.
Synopsis: Laura DiStefano is torn between dreams of a new counter-cultural life and the undertow of a dysfunctional family.
Undertow tells of Lyric Walker, who has witnessed the arrival of the Alpha, or First Men, into her world.
Sometimes the plainest truths are nestled in the most outlandish absurdities, and so it proves in "Preggoland." An amusing, extravagantly implausible farce that nonetheless makes a pointed argument about the perceived marginalization of childless women in modern society, helmer Jacob Tierney's film shoots for the distaff appeal of "Bridesmaids," albeit with a bleaker undertow and dimmer production values.
Well-plotted and containing one of the most beautifully written family relationships in recent YA fiction, Undertow's execution is as captivating as its premise.
Take, for example, the classic-sounding "A Few Hours,'' with its undertow vocals, toe-tapping guitar and sharp, lacerating horns: The effect is a riveting blast of blues, brisk and attention-getting.
I Forget Where We Were is folk but with an assuredly hard and rhythmic undertow.
"We can renew the international system that has enabled so much progress, or allow ourselves to be pulled back by an undertow of instability," he says.
Any time I've interviewed him there's always been a prickly undertow, a whiff of irritation, a touch of condescension.
Much of their drive comes from the pumping tuba undertow of Oren Marshall, an innovative player who's not averse to connecting his voluminous tubes to a rack of electronic effects gear.
We weren't very far before the undertow felt just like somebody had taken our legs.