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Synonyms for undertake



Synonyms for undertake

Synonyms for undertake

enter upon an activity or enterprise

Related Words

accept as a challenge

promise to do or accomplish

enter into a contractual arrangement

accept as a charge

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Barry O'Donnell, for the bank, undertook not to examine personal information.
The court held that the fact that the prisoner undertook exhaustive efforts to remedy a myriad of alleged violations of his First Amendment rights did not demonstrate that his rights were not violated at all.
Faber Maunsell undertook a research project across a number of the 1400 varieties of bamboo, and studied friction rope connections; bolted connections; positive fitting connection joints and interlocking connections, the last requiring factory manufacture.
The Vichy regime partly broke the stalemate by turning the EPS into colleges, but the Fifth Republic, created in 1958, undertook the most basic restructuring, building upon the Fourth Republic's e xpansion of post-primary schooling in traditional academic lycees, technical schools, and the apprenticeship centers planned in 1938 and extended by Vichy.
I undertook my first five-day water fast after reading Ehret's book, not to cure a disease but to rid my system of the effects of my fat-and-carbohydrate diet.
Hakutani introduces a far less familiar comparison of Wright to the poet Basho in order to develop previously unnoted relationships in Wright's work to Zen Buddhism that would flower in the vast haiku project Wright undertook in his last illness.
She follows this by reconstructing the research he undertook in preparation for the visit and by summarizing the contents of the draft manuscript, which outlines the book he intended to write.
The helicopter from JN Sazanami undertook flying operations from the INS Sahyadri and the USS Shoup.