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Friedman focuses on the time of Heurodis's nap: she sleeps until 'after none,/ that undertide was al y-done' (ll.
Asking everyone to join him at the table, lefties and neocons alike, he invoked British novelist John Cowper Powys on the purpose of culture ("to enable us to live out our days in a perpetual undertide of ecstasy") and ended with a secular prayer: "Let not the differences in our personal tastes or political views dim the chorus of this ecstasy."
What is most suggestive about this analysis is the way in which it connects apparently disparate passages, such as the resonant representations of Michelangelo's powerful statues, "Night" and "Day," and the often cited lyrical description of the Arno shooting its "arrowy undertide" beneath the four bent bridges of Florence (p.