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Synonyms for undertake



Synonyms for undertake

Synonyms for undertake

enter upon an activity or enterprise

Related Words

accept as a challenge

promise to do or accomplish

enter into a contractual arrangement

accept as a charge

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Previous administrations were a little hesitant to undertake the hard bureaucratic reforms we need to do.
Lee noted that the FSC will encourage the mainland branches of domestic banks to undertake more renminbi-denominated credit extension, rather than just accepting deposits.
I undertake the precept to refrain from taking that which is not given.
With 85% of funding provided by China Development Bank, CMEC is to undertake a three stage USD 10 billion upgrade of the Belgrano network, including the supply of 50 new locomotives.
The projects resulted in a perfect blend of academia with real world practice, and SP Jain would be willing to undertake similar projects in future and remain committed to deliver the best."
The charity Missing Wales is looking for people to undertake the abseil at Tan y Pistyll Waterfall, Llanrhaeadr, which is the highest falls in England and Wales and 60ft higher than Niagara.
"No one would be asked to undertake this role against their will.
They might, for example, enable students to undertake small-scale investigations into aspects of social history using various types of primary evidence, including that derived from field observation and oral testimony.
Girl Scouts of the San Fernando Valley decided to undertake a forestry improvement plan for the health and safety of our campers.
Q Our steam system is over 20 years old and not as efficient as it could be--but it is at least producing steam and we're keen to avoid shutting down in order to undertake repair work to stop the leaks.
I READ Fiona from Blantyre's letter on driving standards with interest and would just like to ask her who 'forced' these drivers to undertake on motorways?
"While MMM has undertaken projects in Northern Ontario almost continuously from our inception in 1952, our agreement with Doug provides us with a stronger northern presence and a base from which to undertake new assignments together."
The Center for Civil-Military Relations (CCMR), Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California, was commissioned to undertake this project.
No matter what else I choose to do--make a retreat, support a special charity, study the life of a particular saint, or attend daily Mass--I will certainly undertake a fast.
Mentors undertake a flexible and learner-centered six-month course in order to achieve the City and Guilds Mentoring Award.