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exhibiting restrained good taste

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3 it had understated the level of CO2 emissions from about 800,000 cars sold mainly in Europe, and consequently their fuel usage.
For delivering beverages to the Municipal Youth Centre, VZW Youth Understated Look and VZW Youth ~s Island, one wishes to explore the market.
For understated detailing, the optical frame 'Emma' offers subtle, rim-wire styling with quilting-inspired, beveled temples, complemented by handcrafted, gloss acetate temple tips.
That being the case, the positive effect of a 10-decibel decrease in cabin noise level was understated in the crticle.
Glamour to me is about remaining graceful and understated.
Mr Sentance, a former chief economist at British Airways, said: "My judgment is that the upside risks to inflation are understated and monetary policy would most likely need to be tightened fast and by more than the markets currently expect to bring the inflation back to target.
The smooth back fold design gives the Nokia 3610 Fold an understated elegance and its ergonomic shape - when opened - makes for a seemingly natural alignment to the human face.
Perpetual inventory can be understated or overstated.
ADRIAN Caffrey's review of last Sunday night's performance at the Alexandra Theatre was both low key and understated.
The IRS claimed the understated gain was a substantial omission of Bakersfield's gross income, which permitted the application of the six-year period.
Throughout the space, Aztec created an understated theme that underscores the company's business by highlighting a very subtle "bubble" theme to reflect one of Sealed Air's very well known brands.
To poignant Italian folk songs, sung in English and broken down into raw, sassy, abstracted syllables, the dancers sweep across the space in rippling lines, each crossing leaving behind a duet or trio of understated emotional candor.
I wear some Versace, but it's understated Versace,'' Foxx says, to which we replied, ``Understated Versace?
Tender and skillfully understated, rich in image and catharsis, For My Father is an excellent example of why we read and write.
Relying on his diplomatic and managerial skills, the understated and urbane Rusesabagina protects hundreds of Tutsis, calling in favors, offering bribes, negotiating private deals, and maintaining the fiction that his hotel remains an island of culture and civility in a world gone mad.