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Synonyms for understand

sympathize with


Synonyms for understand

to perceive directly with the intellect

to arrive at (a conclusion) from evidence or reasoning

Synonyms for understand

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Then how is it that I seem to understand them myself?
We will consider next the question what is implied by saying that a person "understands" a word, in the sense in which one understands a word in one's own language, but not in a language of which one is ignorant.
Yes, I understand," can mean, "You can now hold me accountable," but more often it means, "Got it.
1 : to get the meaning of <Do you understand my instructions?
When I was in college, I thought it was funny, but now, as a fairly accomplished architect, I understand the meaning of the pun to be true.
Because of the unique nature of the field of project and program management and the sometimes confusing interchanging of the two terms, it is necessary to define them clearly to understand the responsibilities that fall within each category.
My brother Doug--father of the niece and nephews who were confirmed in second grade--says, "Confirmation was hard for my second graders to understand.
As a result, it is much easier to understand whether the control system is performing optimally, i.
Similarly, investigators used this approach to understand the role of aflatoxin in the biological changes that lead to the development of liver cancer.
Regarding the former, Storhoff labels Johnson "a metaphysical antirealist," claiming that "Johnson's antirealism teaches readers the folly of thinking that we can understand reality properly with judgments, categories, or vast systems that explain 'hidden' meanings" (12).
2) Often gestures of gratitude toward one's critics are made to dismiss the criticism by showing that the critics do not understand or may even be so ill-educated they are not able to grasp the position they critique.
These roles are complementary and can be highly synergistic--when marketers and salespeople understand each other and work together.
It was founded over 200 years ago by Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician who not only created a radically new form of therapy; he also formulated a scientific system to understand health and healing on a fundamental level.
Here is one indisputable fact of life in the business world: Every group has its own jargon, a lexicon that only people with a background in that area of expertise can understand.
Enough basic polymer science will be included to understand these topics, and extensive use will be made of visual aids to assist participants.