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Synonyms for undersized

Synonyms for undersized

smaller than normal for its kind


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Rock edges are producing lots of small codling, mainly undersized, at the moment.
South Shields Pier has again had undersized codling, the odd mackerel and coalfish.
There have also been cod to 3lb although the majority have been undersized from Bog Hall Rocks, Lyne Burn, the Beacons, the bottom of the cliffs at Newbiggin and Cambois Rocks.
I'm undersized myself, but then I turn and watch him manhandle powerful linemen that he gives up 100 pounds to, and it's just unbelievable,'' said Tatupu (6-0, 225).
Blyth Pier has only had mainly undersized flatfish and a few small codling.
All the Durham beaches are producing lots of undersized codling and a few whiting at night.
Members also receive warnings if their current propellers are significantly undersized or oversized.
First-year coach Kevin Rizer said it became apparent following a 28-7 loss to Quartz Hill in Week 4 that his team's undersized offensive line could not drive the program's traditional power offense.
Now 25 pounds heavier at 6-foot-2 and 205 pounds, he no longer is undersized for the high-school level.
The River Tyne still has lots of undersized codling with one or two decent plaice starting to show.
And why not, considering how the undersized product of Pennsylvania breeding and Philadelphia Park roots had overpowered stronger opponents than this in the Derby (a 2 3/4-length victory) and Preakness (a record 11 1/2-length win)?
Among the nonrecurring charges under the plan are expenses related to the closure of undersized, unprofitable operations in Utah and Wyoming; the sale or disposal of obsolete facilities and equipment; and the payout remaining on the company's two-year employment agreement with Robert A.
Fisheries Conservation: Recreational: Unlicensed fishing (20), possession of undersized striped bass (3), possession of a prohibited shark (1), failure to release protected shark unharmed (1), possession of undersized summer flounder (1), possession of undersized blue crab (8), crab pot tampering (1), improperly marked crab pot (1), use of recreational crab pots without required turtle excluder (2), possession of undersized white perch (2), and clamming in a prohibited area (2).
Reyes noted that the inclusion of the 6-foot-7 Standhardinger will be a huge boost to the country's frontline in the regional tilt, as he is set to team up with undersized big men like Kobe Paras, Troy Rosario, Raymar Jose, and Carl Bryan Cruz.