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Antonyms for undershoot

fall short of (the runway) in a landing

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shoot short of or below (a target)

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An 'out-of-gamut' indication feed displays overshoot or undershoot severity and shows the user where on the picture any signal correction is being performed.
He added: "The OBR's full-year forecast of PS111.2 billion always looked a little conservative and today's figures confirm we are well on course to undershoot."
In the six months through September, net borrowing narrowed by 9.4 per cent to Au56.7 billion from Au62.6 billion a year earlier, raising the prospect that Osborne will undershoot the Au120 billion projected in March.
* Robert Lloyd Griffiths, IoD director in Wales, says GDP growth this year could well undershoot its forecast of 1.2%
Jonathan Loynes, chief European economist at Capital Economics, said: "The undershoot may heighten the debate between the parties over Labour's planned pounds 6bn hike in National Insurance in 2011 - the Conservatives may argue that the undershoot supports their view that the hike can be avoided.
Now is the time to overshoot, not undershoot when it comes to assistance for the auto industry," he says.
According to Chin-Hong, although specifications should let you know if the supply causes any voltage overshoot or undershoot when it trips, many datasheets do not provide this information.
In simple laboratory tasks such as pointing to a pre-determined location, researchers have observed that humans have a tendency to undershoot targets more often than overshoot them.
These signals display good rise and fall times, controlled overshoot and undershoot, and an acceptable amount of jitter, as evidenced by the width of each eye opening.
In addition, the parameters of overshoot and undershoot have been added to the list of parameters provided by the 65200S.
If we persistently undershoot the target, it could eventually damage our credibility.
The upstream gap is selected to maximize undershoot of the first normal stress difference [N.sub.1] at the die wall caused by flaring.
For example, a barrel zone that runs with high cooling due to high shear heat generation of the screw will drastically undershoot the setpoint if the screw is suddenly stopped, because the heat load is suddenly removed.
Perry also computes a condition for the CCE to be stable (his equation (12)): the actual response of the other firm must exceed (undershoot) ltd anticipated response when the conjectural variation undershoots (exceeds) the consistent value.
Q2 GDP growth pace beat estimates with upside surprises for service consumption and government spending, and an undershoot for goods imports that adds to GDP.