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having a subnormal degree of sexual desire

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In this interpretation, Hubert and Cornelia are both over-privileged, undersexed upper-class dopes.
It is not surprising, then, that with reference to sexuality women are portrayed as either oversexed or undersexed: sex objects, out-of-control nymphomaniacs, or frigid (Hacker 1951).
BRITAIN is a nation of undersexed, exercise-shy workaholics who are unconcerned about their finances, according to a survey by online broker Comdirect.
It is hard to think of anyone who could flit so easily and convincingly from Mary Queen of Scots in Elizabeth to spotty, undersexed, adolescent schoolboy in Kevin and Perry.
In contrast to what one critic calls the rather "undersexed" mortal men in the play, the Olympians "evidence almost no shame or repression" (McGlathery 72-73), and thus the outcome of the contest between Amphitryon and the amorous Jupiter, like that between the repressed father of the Marquise and her energetic suitor--in the conventional terms of comedy, the alazon and the comic hero (Frye 163-86)--would seem to be a foregone conclusion.
Development includes experiments on beauty, profiles of the undersexed and oversexed and a number of startling case studies - from the man who lived with his mum until middle age and lost his virginity in his 40s, to trainee doctor Violet who sexually "operates" on patients with medical fetishes.
Maybe I was undersexed, but, knock on wood, it saved me."
Busyrane is simply an external seducer, a rival of Scudamour, attempting to instill in Amoret a false notion of love - gallantry leading to adultery; he is undersexed like Malbecco and Proteus, needing to have his "Desyre" "kindled busily" and auto-erotically "by his higher faculties" (84); that he wounds Amoret means he is a threat "to love and marriage as social institutions" (90) - surely a reading more allegorical than psychological.
Harsh and domineering fathers dropped from professional view as nagging, undersexed, frustrated, and pinched mothers assumed center stage.
These myths include beliefs that persons with mental disabilities are oversexed, undersexed, or lack control; have diminished congitive capacity to understand sexual behavior; are unable to use contraceptives; and are unable to be parents (Cook, Razzano, Jayaraj, Myers, Nathanson, Scott, & Stein, 1994).
The cliche went that the Americans were "oversexed, overpaid, overfed, and over here." Less familiar was the Yank riposte that the British Tommy was "undersexed, underpaid, under fed, and under Eisenhower." But behind the wisecracks was a plain truth: The GIs who left their homes to aid Britain and defeat a common enemy were not American Hessians.
It could even suggest impotence on his part, which might in turn imply that the murder of Eratosthenes may have been fuelled by the frustrations of an undersexed husband.