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sell cheaper than one's competition


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(I gave in when he said people looking for the latest John Grisham novel might buy it by mistake.) So it is rare that we see a book title like this one, which undersells its subject, describing the dispute over the firing of white educators by a local black school board in Ocean Hill-Brownsville in Brooklyn as one that "changed New York." On fundamental issues of race, education, and labor, the new politics that emerged from Ocean Hill-Brownsville in 1968 devastated American liberalism so profoundly that the effects are still being felt 35 years later.
But Savill argued that if the RCA have settled for that kind of figure, the deal "grossly undersells the value of the picture rights".
He undersells moments that flirt with sentiment and lets loose when the action demands.
"I think Stein undersells this field and what we know, by a lot," says psychologist Janice Kiecolt-Glaser of Ohio State University in Columbus.
It undersells what is a stunningly spectacular show that appeals to all ages.