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sell cheaper than one's competition


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"During the price review, it became clear that we had been underselling some of our cottages.
However, underselling also is an equally legitimate concern that gets vastly less attention.
Underselling ourselves as an area to the rest of the country.
NEWCASTLE has undoubtedly undergone a cultural transformation over the last decade, but the city is still guilty of underselling itself when it comes to its historic treasures.
The McGuire Fair Trade Act, passed to overcome the Supreme Court's ruling that previous fair trade acts were unconstitutional, was hailed by manufacturers as a boon to small retailers--since it forbade "cut-price" retailers from underselling them--according to a story in Retailing Daily on July 16, 1952.
"Less earnest than its predecessor, underwhelming (and underselling) Lifeblood, and more accessible than the commercial suicide that was Know Your Enemy, Send Away The Tigers shows there's plenty of life in the old dogs yet."
--maverick dairyman Hein Hettinga on being barred from underselling the dairy cartel, quoted in The Washington Post, December 10
The panel ruled the commission "has not provided a reasoned explanation based on all of the evidence" that scrapping duties would lead to Quebec producer Magnola unfairly underselling and harming the health of American producers.
It was also underselling the quality service provided by the company and represented an old fashioned, traditional law firm.
As modest as the operation is, Taborda expects to soon challenge candy giants like Argentina's Arcor and the U.K.'s Cadbury Schweppes, underselling them by 20%.
In our rush to accountability and our intoxication with standards, we're underselling the educational power of technology and short-changing students.
Radio's Rush Limbaugh brought in $240.50, just underselling fellow Republican Peggy Noonan, who sold for $255.
The company that wins the data wars will be the one that shapes a strategy that allows it to break out from the crowd and compete on the basis of overall value, rather than underselling on price.