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Synonyms for undersell

sell cheaper than one's competition


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If we don't need the money, why undersell your asset?
They undersell the region's attractions at a time when we should be giving a strong message that the West Midlands is a great place to do business.
In our outgoing, type-A business culture, introverted people often undersell themselves, let their ideas go unheard, and have difficulty networking and saying no.
I don't want us to undersell ourselves out of being overly conservative."
* "Wal-Mart tries to outsmart competitors and undersell as much as they can--this is just one more example."
If you just separate a division and assume people will work together for the better good of mankind, you'll find the sales force will undersell you, the content guys couldn't care, the brand conflicts are profound, and you won't get into the vehicles to promote your stuff.
In fact, some PVC fence makers say they can undersell wood in some cases.