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Synonyms for underpin

Synonyms for underpin

support from beneath

support with evidence or authority or make more certain or confirm

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That indicates a shift away from the traditional national and religious identities that underpinned the Troubles.
The privileging of the imagery of New York and modernity in the text in some respects highlights an absence of engagement with the structural transformations of late modernity that have underpinned new experiences, class compositions and images of the city.
Cranbrook's inspired patronage is to be applauded; the challenge is to carry the conceptual thinking and processes of fabrication - which have underpinned the projects to date, blurring the boundaries between architecture, industrial design, sculpture, infrastructure and landscape through into larger, more complex commissions.
Needless to say, while it isn't completely impossible to buy insurance for an underpinned property - at least, not as a general rule - it will almost certainly be quite expensive.
Thanks to an industry agreement designed to ensure continuity of cover for homes that have had to be underpinned, many companies will only insure such properties if the original claim was made under one of their own policies.
Labour leader Ed Miliband said the royal charter would be underpinned by statute.
Dubai's key re-export markets are now increasingly within the GCC region, and this is largely a good thing, given that we see positive dynamics in the region over the near to medium term, with strong levels of state spending, underpinned by healthy fiscal positions and strong oil prices," the bank said.
The prospect of social redemption through architecture, which underpinned and then overwhelmed the Modernist cause, now seems remote in the extreme.
SLF has strong debt servicing capabilities underpinned by its favorable liquidity posture, high quality investment portfolio and growth in operating earnings.
The Science and Innovation Strategy is underpinned by five key principles for all scientific research and development in the future: excellence, agility, collaboration, place and openness.
The analysis is underpinned by in-deptha interviews with a number of senior executives from both the distribution and provider sides of the market
2935, underpinned by further gains in EUR-CHF which saw the cross trade to 1.
8%, respectively), persistent current account surpluses have underpinned a more rapid improvement in this ratio in Brazil, which should continue in the near future.
Summary: JPY underpinned amid cross-JPY long liquidation, with EURJPY extending losses to 149.
Growth was underpinned by continued development of three of the four leading sectors, including wipes, sanitary protection and nappies.