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a payment smaller than needed or expected

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the act of paying less than required

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Generally, in the case of a corporation, the underpayment rate is the federal short-term rate plus 3 percentage points and the overpayment rate is the federal short-term rate plus 2 percentage points.
3 November 2017 - Chicago, US-based revenue integrity and recovery services Revint Solutions, serving healthcare providers has acquired Florida-based revenue recovery services provider Health Check to expand its zero balance underpayment recovery service offering, the company said.
However, the partnership's imputed underpayment can be reduced if the reviewed year partners file amended returns and pay the tax or demonstrate that they are subject to a lower rate of tax or exempt from tax.
However, if the NOPPA sets forth an imputed underpayment, the partnership may request a modification for adjustments that do not result in an imputed underpayment.
23) If a partner does not treat items consistently, any underpayment of tax attributable to such failure will be treated as a mathematical or clerical error, enabling the IRS to immediately begin collection without having to issue a notice of deficiency.
One member of staff told BBC Radio 4's The Report: "For each underpayment there are thousands of pounds owed.
FTB 719PC, Underpayment of Estimate Tax Penalty, was sent to taxpayers regarding the adjustment beginning July 26, 2010.
A 20 percent penalty is imposed on any underpayment attributable to negligence or a substantial valuation understatement.
It seems the underpayment was not identified earlier because senior nurses (as do others covered by the NZNO/DHB multi-employer collective agreement [MECA]) receive two types of increases: a wage increase listed in the agreement that everyone receives at specific times; and an annual increment on the anniversary of an individual's annual service (unless already at the top step of their grade).
The Royal Mail waived underpayment fees last festive season because the new "pricing in proportion" rules only came into force in August 2006.
But consumer watchdog Postwatch warned today that this Christmas recipients could be liable for any underpayment plus a pounds 1 administration fee.
States are rated both on underpayment and overpayment of benefit dollars to eligible households.
Plus, most payer contracts specify appeal deadlines, such as 120 days, so if we did not catch the underpayment quickly, we missed the opportunity to submit an appeal altogether.
If a plan violates the rules, income tax would be due immediately plus interest at the underpayment amount and 1 percent from the date of deferral.
Jason McLaughlin at accountancy firm and employee tax specialist, McLintock & Partners, said early submission enables, where the underpayment is under pounds 2, 000, the Inland Revenue to change an individual's tax code and spread the cost of what is owed over a full year.