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Across the country it said employers had been underpaying more than 9,000 minimum wage workers by PS1.
In Wales 10 employers were named for underpaying 159 workers a total of PS76,659.
The ECHO called The Wellington and was told that Fiona Latham had long left the business and that the new operators were not aware of any underpaying.
UK Government Minister for Scotland Lord Duncan said: "It is unacceptable that some companies in Scotland still think they can get away with underpaying their staff.
Airlines are underpaying the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for airline security, according to a report from the Homeland Security Department.
In response to a recent county audit that found the department does not keep accurate records on whether the 41 cities to which it provides law enforcement services are underpaying or overpaying the department, Baca said he intends to have personnel begin filling out timecards and carry out the auditor's other recommendations to fix the problem.
This statistical evidence suggested that S corporations were underpaying owner-employees salaries to avoid FICA and Medicare taxes.
A NORTH Wales council could face a pounds 300,000 bill after allegedly underpaying its school cleaners and kitchen staff for nearly three years.
Underpaying workers and overusing antibiotics may offer a short-term competitive edge, but it's a potentially disastrous recipe in today's global market.
Help the Aged demanded action after it was revealed that the national insurance computer, NIRS2, has been underpaying pensioners for years.
The union also alleges that Golden Mark was charged by the National Labor Relations Board for repeatedly violating federal labor law and paid $190,000 to settle a lawsuit under the Fair Labor Standards Act charging the company with underpaying over 100 workers, according to the release.
Too many companies are still underpaying highly qualified and dedicated people.
Federal law prohibits the state from disclosing the names of the companies who are underpaying the system, but the ESD plans to notify the companies of the seminars, he says.
The bill is intended to resolve hardships created when Congress, in November 1991, repealed the safe harbor certain taxpayers relied on to avoid a penalty for underpaying estimated taxes.