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An Eton insider said: "For any boy wanting to impress his pals, there would be no easier way than to nick William's underpants.
In the 1960s Americans wore paper underpants but they got a bad Press - a cowboy who wore them was convicted of rustling.
While talking to a US newspaper, the 67-year-old actress said that it was during the time she was filming for 'The Tempest' opposite John Cassavetes in 1982, where she had a lot of scenes which required her to be just in a T-shirt and a pair of tiny white underpants.
These are just some of the most favorite words of children, which can be found in the Adventures of Captain Underpants.
Captain Underpants is based on Dav Pilkey's popular book series and centers around two scheming fourth graders, George Beard (Kevin Hart) and Harold Hutchins (Thomas Middleditch) whose personal missions are to play pranks, hide in their secret treehouse and write comic books.
Viewers will also watch Kinney and Pilkey's hilarious attempts to draw each other's characters and to see if they can draw their own characters Greg Heffley and Captain Underpants blindfolded
Elephant stops the fight, Teddy makes all the frogs underpants out of leaves, and Frog get his pants back--but is he happy?
Captain Underpants and the Revolting Revenge of the Radioactive Robo-Boxers pairs a black and white large-size graphic novel cartoon format with another captivating Captain Underpants story - this one revolving around a time travel snafu that leads Captain Underpants to not be created, leaving heroes George and Harold stranded as evil zombie nerds.
But what was meant to represent the Gateway of the East has been nicknamed the Underpants of the East because of its unusual shape.
A MAN had to be led from his flat after a fire started when he tried to dry his underpants and socks in the microwave.
Just to show how seriously, the fine is only pounds 15,000 less than Nicklas Bendtner's pounds 80,000 fine - and one match ban - for the far more heinous crime of revealing Paddy Power underpants.
Bendtner, 24, was found guilty of improper conduct by European football's governing body after he revealed the logo of a betting company on his underpants in the match on June 13.
ACTING on a tip-off that teenage boys were bringing drugs into school in their underpants, Derbyshire Police raided a village school in Etwall, and ordered ten lads, who they believed to be responsible, to be strip searched.
EDUCATION Secretary Michael Gove's wife has joked about hiding his underpants and limiting sex to once a month.