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  • verb

Synonyms for undermine

Synonyms for undermine

to lessen or deplete the nerve, energy, or strength of

to damage, destroy, or defeat by sabotage

Synonyms for undermine

destroy property or hinder normal operations

hollow out as if making a cave or opening


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They have in common the idea of Jew as underminer or betrayer.
The attack exemplified rightwing interventions within the cultural wars that have raged on campuses since the 1960s whereby radicals and activists have been stigmatized as subversives and underminers of proper academic decorum, a critique Gitlin shares.
Deception and misrepresentation to sell a war and contempt for diplomacy (at a time when fighting our greatest threat, terrorism, requires above all cooperation and good will from the world) are the chief current underminers of our troops, our security, and our democracy.
Clearly, some Democratic senators were wary of being tagged as underminers of the much-ballyhooed bipartisanship.
Men see women as underminers, slaves who rattle their chains threateningly, constantly reminding the men that if they wanted to, they could poison his food: just watch out" (p.
We see how Unionists like Mills were the ultimate, if often unwitting, underminers of the dream of the Jeffersonian republic.