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  • verb

Synonyms for undermine

Synonyms for undermine

to lessen or deplete the nerve, energy, or strength of

to damage, destroy, or defeat by sabotage

Synonyms for undermine

destroy property or hinder normal operations

hollow out as if making a cave or opening


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Atiku said: 'The above statement is a vindication of our position that the 2019 elections were 'undermined' by the actions of state actors and institutions.
The post Increased bombing has undermined Syria peace talks -U.N.
The Carling Cup is something people have done the same with - undermined and undervalued.
"Not only have I been undermined, but the group has been undermined and the council has been undermined," he said.
The governor of the central bank of India, Reserve Bank of India (RBI), has said that the global financial crisis has undermined the independence of central banks.
Miss one of in the as Miss Marsh's well-earned position CEO has been undermined by the media who have sought to imply that her success is based only on her private life.
The public health goal of reducing tobacco use by raising cigarette taxes may be undermined in disadvantaged minority communities by illegal cigarette sales, an August AJPH study found.
MANCHESTER CITY manager Stuart Pearce has insisted Joey Barton's outspoken attack on the Premiership club has not undermined his position.
AUSTRALIAN legend Dennis Lillee believes England's dismal Ashes challenge has been undermined by their failure to prepare properly.
"He has undermined our immigration laws, which are necessary for the protection of our nation's borders.
Second, The Passion is not revisionist nor has it undermined Catholic-Jewish relations other than the irritation caused to Catholics when activist spokesmen of the secular Jewish community condemned it before it was even finished; and condemned it for the wrong reason, namely for remaining faithful to the biblical text.
By treating architecture as a question of style, and by demonstrating that he could change his style with the times, Johnson undermined the meaning of style.
More to the point, he (legitimately) buttonholed government as the "problem" a shriek that helped him take control of the very institution whose credibility he undermined. Poppy Bush patently dissembled on Iran-Contra and, more notoriously, his no-new-taxes pledge.
By showing how changes in working-class mobilizations, employer tactics, and state policies undermined and rebuilt men's control over women family members, the author demonstrates how patriarchy affected, and was in turn affected by, reformist and revolutionary class projects.