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Synonyms for underlay

a pad placed under a carpet

raise or support (the level of printing) by inserting a piece of paper or cardboard under the type

put (something) under or beneath

provide with a base, support, lining, or backing

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We believe underlay to be a real opportunity and Victoria is already actively looking at other opportunities in the underlay sector.
It is mainly involved in manufacturing and supplying textile fibres, fillings and recycled waste as well as carpet underlay, insulation and special effects nonwovens.
The benefits of Durastic underlays and coverings are that they are seamless, light weight, lay in one coating and clean.
Texbond is a major producer of spunlaid nonwovens suitable for practically all applications, from hygienic cover stocks to roofing underlays, from crop cover webs to filtration and car covers carriers, from medical to personal care components.
Again, there is a choice but rubber underlays are the most substantial.
Like carpets, underlays come in all shapes and sizes but what you are looking for is a dense rubbertype underlay which is heavy in comparison to the carpet or other underlay.
Most underlays are thin like fabric, so they're easy to cut and lay.
It features two wool underlays and two duvets-a regular and premium version of each, and will be priced in the mid- to high-end range, selling for between $150 and $500.
This feature is ty pically used to allow target symbols to be presented as overlays and maps to be presented as underlays.
Good quality waffle latex underlays, or the new crumb rubber versions (made from old car tyres
Wadsworth attempts to mimic the traditions of old-master still-life painting--a gesture not without its dutiful degree of homage--and then over- or underlays these images with stencillike sequences of text, often in the form of diagrammed sentences.
The advanced charting component includes support for overlays, underlays, chartable expressions, studies on studies and annotations (drawing tools).
The range of vapor permeable roof underlays is designed to meet the market demands for superior product quality combined with sound expertise from experienced technical experts directly from the trade.
uk), which has a great range of budget carpets and underlays.