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a pad placed under a carpet

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14 September 2015 - UK-based flooring manufacturer Victoria (AIM: VCP) has agreed to acquire the entire issued share capital and shareholder indebtedness of UK-based carpet underlayment maker Interfloor Group Ltd.
If your wooden subfloor is in really rough shape, install 1/4-in, plywood underlayment over it.
Surround SR Underlayment is a tear-resistant roofing underlayment that offers secondary protection against moisture intrusion.
"Traditional ice and water underlayment uses a smooth surface, but this one uses a hard rough surface so that tiles will not slide down during installation." The self-adhering product is manufactured using a rubberized asphalt waterproofing compound and a fiberglass-reinforced mat.
PB and MDF can gain a significant share of the underlayment market with a commitment to product development and technical support as well as production quantities and consistent quality.
the market consists of 4 tranches: 1 firm block ~great hall~ and 3 optional slices: - optional slice 1: optional large slab-room underlayment 2: small optional slice room 3: small room underlayment
5 November 2013 - US building products firm Headwaters Inc (NYSE:HW) said it had agreed to buy an 80% stake in local concrete roof tiles and accessories maker Roof Tile Inc as well as a 40% interest in a roofing underlayment marketing joint venture to be controlled by major Roof Tile shareholders.
Install a board instead of a raise strip where the underlayment corner seam will be.
Norfolk, NE, July 29, 2012 --(PR.com)-- MP Global Products New Flooring Underlayment: VersaWalk[TM]
Fiberweb, the manufacturer of Typar weather-resistant barriers is introducing Surround SR Underlayment, a new, tear-resistant roofing underlayment that offers secondary protection against moisture intrusion.
Proper Selection and Installation of APA Plywood Underlayment--Maximize the performance of a variety of finished flooring with this guide to underlayment. Recommended subfloors, underlayment, nail spacing, and suggested fasteners for carpeted, vinyl, ceramic tile, and hardwood applications (Form R340F).
Particleboard is a product used widely in the manufacture of furniture, cabinets, floor underlayment and many other applications.
Some are specific to vinyl installed over concrete or onto wood underlayment, while others will cause problems in either case.
Then we put down an underlayment. Things were going so well that I bragged to my wife that I should quit my job and become a flooring professional!
He found his answer: a sub-flooring underlayment system that would make it possible for him to tile his deck again but this time without the weaknesses of the previous installation including the grout.