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Synonyms for underlay

a pad placed under a carpet

raise or support (the level of printing) by inserting a piece of paper or cardboard under the type

put (something) under or beneath

provide with a base, support, lining, or backing

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5 Start from a corner and roll out the underlay flush along the length of the carpet grip.
6 Trim the underlay with a Stanley knife by sliding the blade of the knife along the edge of the carpet grip.
7 To prevent the underlay from moving, staple the edge of the underlay using a staple gun and add a few down the middle for good measure.
8 Repeat this process with the next roll until you reach the end of the room where the underlay will need to be trimmed along its width and its length.
Industry executives also stressed the tremendous profit opportunities that underlay affords, since the category is not one consumers typically com- parison-shop.
If the training and education are strong, you can create a very successful area rug business," said Janice Mahoney, corporate buyer for Rhodes, a 97-store Atlanta chain that introduced area rugs in 21 of its locations last October, and plans to introduce underlay by year's end.
chain that carries underlay in its 500 area rug departments.
Bill Doyle, manager of the area rug gallery at Bradford's in Nashville, believes his customers buy underlay because his staff "convinces" them to do so.
Because of the strong emphasis we put on the product, about eight out of 10 of our area rug buyers also purchase underlay.
said underlay sales at his company's two stores have had double-digit increases in the past two years or so.
Although there are no available figures for underlay sales, a number of manufacturers placed the retail figure at about $75 million--up $25 million from estimates made in late 1993.
One decorating trend that's fueling the sale of area rugs is spawning a new generation of underlay products, too.
If you go into a major retailer, you'll generally find this product on display," said Alan Platner, senior vice president of sales and marketing for underlay firm Vantage Industries.
According to Platner, more underlay is sold by itself than with a rug.
Bud Wyman, president of New York-based Rug-Hold, estimates that more than 60 percent of area rugs are sold without underlay.