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is the most productive one among underived English computing terms.
bar] 'to be'--or a form from lists of underived stems, pronominal forms, etc.
The number of derived terms by far out-numbers the underived ones; though the variability of their affixes is somewhat limited.
Putnam, on the other hand, looks at the issue more individualistically: "[W]e have an underived, a primitive obligation of some kind to be reasonable, which--contrary to Peirce--is not reducible to my expectations about the long run and my interest in the welfare of others .
One helpful way of putting this point is by making a distinction between pro tanto reasons and all things considered reasons; all underived desires provide pro tanto reasons to promote their objects; not all underived desires provide all things considered reasons to promote their objects.
If we imagine ourselves as planetary subjects rather than global agents, planter creatures rather than global entities, alterity remains underived from us; it is not our dialectical negation, it contains us as much as it flings us away.
The natural law theorists assume the individual as ultimate and as an underived and irreducible unit of the social order.
is the highest, legally independent, underived power.
Linguists from Europe, North America, and the Caribbean offer a wide range of perspectives on reduplication, a morphological procedure by which the inflectional and/or derivational formatives used to signal a specific category are directly derivable from the phonological/prosodic structure of the uninflected or underived simplex form.
It is "the first natural society, with underived rights that are proper to it.
Hence, at least one underived principle is already at work: The basic value of truth ought to be sought.
For always there is that in our beginnings which was underived from an end and which is irrecoverably lost in our end.
In other words, we can value democracy as a primary, underived virtue.
Moreover, and equally important, when ethically considering biotechnological practices, should we be guided by a single moral reason and ultimate value, or are we rather obligated to respond to a plurality of reasons and ultimate values, underived from one another and not easily coordinated?
Slot-I stands for the first level of recursivity, that is, a predicate consisting of a stem and an only affix (or, in other words, the derivation of an underived base).