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a university student who has not yet received a first degree

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In 2002, The Association of American Colleges and Universities advocated for additional attention on undergraduate research calling it a key means to engage students, and in its 2007 College Learning for the New Global Century report, it recommended undergraduate research as a key focus area.
As undergraduate research continues to be of growing importance to higher education in nations all across the world, CUR is excited to continue dialogue with faculty from different countries and with international groups to explore ways that will enhance students' abilities to generate new knowledge and engage in global problem-solving.
The survey shows that annual fees for home and EU students on undergraduate courses in England and Wales for 2015-16 range from PS5,665 at Coventry University to a ceiling of PS9,000 at all institutions, except for the private University of Buckingham which charges PS12,444 for each year of its two-year undergraduate courses.
Many researchers (Adderly-Kelly, 2003; Elgrin & Hensel, 2006; Ervin & Cowell, 2004; Fawcett, Aber, & Weiss, 2003; Malachowski, 2003; Russell, 2006) have written about the benefits for students of participating in some dimension of research during their undergraduate years.
To promote self-regulation of behavior and context, undergraduate students were provided with a letter of introduction to help find a fieldwork site.
And included within this group might be the basic presentational and study skills that undergraduate students need to acquire, but which they often lack, including the ability to be grammatically correct, to take notes and to structure assignments appropriately.
Through the award of a Fulbright Grant, the lectures were presented to undergraduate students at Dokuz Eylul University in Izmir, Turkey in the Department of American Studies.
Yale's undergraduate tuition, room, board and other fees, cost about $41,000 a year.
But the university was losing pounds 2,600 per British or EU undergraduate a year.
Today's Canadian undergraduate in the Earth sciences must be prepared to tackle complex problems requiring interdisciplinary solutions.
straight from undergraduate school may be a big mistake," says Tony Lee, editor-in-chief of the College Journal (www.
Over the decades, several national reports and academic publications urged greater attention to undergraduate teaching (Astin, 1977; Boyer, 1987).
The task force developed content outlines for two undergraduate tax courses, an MBA tax elective, a Masters of Accounting program with a tax emphasis and a Masters of Science in Taxation degree.
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