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Synonyms for undergo

Synonyms for undergo

to participate in or partake of personally

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Very well, my worthy harpooner, if some vertebrate, several hundred yards long, and large in proportion, can maintain itself in such depths-- of those whose surface is represented by millions of square inches, that is by tens of millions of pounds, we must estimate the pressure they undergo.
At first we thought he had been cured by the unmerciful chaffing he had to undergo from his mates, but eventually his sister told Cecily the true reason.
I don't know,' said Newman; 'small things offer--they would pay the rent, and more--but you wouldn't like them; no, you could hardly be expected to undergo it--no, no.
They debated whether the moon was a finished world, or whether it was destined to undergo any further transformation.
The proportional numbers of its inhabitants would almost immediately undergo a change, and some species might become extinct.
Tacit obedience implies no force upon the will, and consequently may be easily, and without any pains, preserved; but when a wife, a child, a relation, or a friend, performs what we desire, with grumbling and reluctance, with expressions of dislike and dissatisfaction, the manifest difficulty which they undergo must greatly enhance the obligation.
Patients who undergo a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) procedure are at moderate risk for calcium and vitamin D deficiency.
Moreover, there was no difference in operating time or surgical morbidity in a case-control study involving 133 women who underwent hysterectomy with ovarian preservation and salpingectomy and in 433 controls who did not undergo salpingectomy.
Summary: Saudi King Abdullah, who underwent surgery last year for back-related problems, will undergo an operation in the coming days, Saudi Arabia's state news agency reported Tuesday.
Gagne isn't coming back this year, and he might never be back in a Dodger uniform again after learning he has to undergo season-ending back surgery to repair a herniated disk.
Of 126 patients available for long-term follow-up after surgery for primary colonic disease, 46% of those with distal colonic involvement who did not initially undergo total proctocolectomy (TPC) ultimately needed permanent fecal diversion.
the National Cyber Security Partnership recommends that the federal government demand that products undergo certification under the Common Criteria for "vulnerability analysis" as a procurement requisite.
Communist China is seeking to compel Taiwanese women who visit the mainland to undergo abortion or sterilization, according to Patrician Lin of Taiwan's Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF).
There also has been recent indirect evidence that the proteins undergo a structural change as well upon DNA binding.
Patients in New York state who undergo coronary artery bypass graft surgery and are covered by either private managed-care or Medicare managed-care insurance are significantly less likely than patients with fee-for-service insurance to have the surgery done in hospitals with lower mortality rates, according to a study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association.