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lend moral support to

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make secure underneath

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Unlike Christians, who grudgingly permit marriage as a concession to base lust, Jews cherish family life and the wife and mother who undergirds it.
The book shows that the choice depends upon shifting coalitions; political leadership; developments in culture, economics, demography, and technology; actions and events beyond our borders; and not least engagement with that larger liberalism that undergirds the American constitutional order and so connects the varieties of progressivism to the varieties of conservatism in America.
of Minnesota-Twin Cities) offer a textbook introducing the broad range of social science theory and research that undergirds the responses of modern social workers to challenges faced by clients.
This led to the integrated structure that undergirds the Ridgeline's signature angled sail panels, which ties directly into the reinforced back wall of the cab forming an assembly that is 20 times stiffer in torsional rigidity than competitors.
A certain self-laceration undergirds the project, as it probably does all forms of self-portraiture, yet Cranston manages, by holding the act of violence in abeyance, to make the implicit masochism almost funny.
The belief that classes were distinct and distant from each other, which undergirds the entire project, logically leads to two chapters on workers.
In fact, it is this third level of articulation that is most difficult for students: they need help articulating the normativity that undergirds their real generosity and their deeply felt sense of justice.
Now there is also another kind of essay that many of the black writers are involved in, and that is the kind of essay that I hear you talking about when you ask what undergirds my work.
A district court's order to produce tax return information of unrelated third parties to plaintiffs involved in a tax refund suit "threatens to undermine the promise of confidentiality that undergirds the tax system," according to a June 14 letter from TEI President Lester D.
Authoritarianism undergirds militarism outside our borders and repression inside our borders.
The essays in this volume demonstrate that the debate among conservatives about which principles and practices are most urgently in need of protection is also a debate with and within that larger liberalism that undergirds the American constitutional order.
Say the word [syllable, really] and let your subconscious know that you're in serious creative thinking mode, that you're going beyond the binary yes-no thinking that undergirds many mental limitations.
This practice of instituting and then tweaking or emptying symbol systems undergirds the artist's use of a personal, rebuslike lexicon.
The concept of hospitality undergirds the very reason for the academy.
Equally important, the court's order threatens to undermine the promise of confidentiality that undergirds the tax system.