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lend moral support to

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make secure underneath

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FFF, based in Britain, aims to equip those from former communist lands with the moral and spiritual values that will undergird democracy.
Combining the campusMCI card with the successful MCI Masters student calling services program and campus prepaid card services, campusMCI will undergird current and future development of data and advanced technology, such as distance learning and access to the Internet.
The quality of the final result, sound monetary policy to undergird and support our economy, is the most important of the interests in question.
Scientists from academia, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations set out the empirical foundation to undergird scientifically sound and practical programs to manage habitats and populations.
These letters provide links between the stories, and provide the reader with an overall sense of the larger tale: the politics of power and race that undergird life in this island community.
11] By placing ourselves in the social context of the urban poor, we can surface preexisting theories, biases, assumptions that undergird and influence the theology which we have done.
Combining its brand of student calling services -- MCI Masters -- with the just-released student access card and campus prepaid card services, campusMCI will undergird current and future development of data and advanced technology, such as distance learning, access to the Internet and other data services.
of Aberdeen, Scotland) examines the two virtually invisible organizations that undergird modern communications across national borders.
Indeed, a case can be made that many of Russia's current difficulties stem from a lack of the well-established legal rights that undergird a market system.
Chapters two and three - "A Black Man's Place in Black Feminist Criticism" and "Negotiations of Power: White Critics, Black Texts, and the Self-Referential Impulse" - provide nuanced readings of the fear and protectionism that undergird debates about "border crossing," the unwillingness of many feminists to approve of male participation in feminist discourse, the possibilities of afrocentric feminism as an alternative for Afro-American men's "re-vis(ion)ing" themselves, summaries of the development of critical debates on the role of the white critic in Afro-Americanist cultural criticism, and encouragement for Afro-American literary scholars to stay abreast of emerging criticism to guard against work that encourages the "advocacy of older, caucacentric orders.
In a talk crackling with insight and humour, Dr Sacks made a plea for Western society to return to the spiritual values which undergird true liberty.
Still, the giggles are inevitably laced with a bit of nervousness, for while the show is quite clearly a send-up, what it is sending up are the cultural and social values that undergird the wildly free marketplace which young people today are being socialized to compete in, or die trying.
Today, with borders falling faster than ever before and with emerging new countries hopelessly outdating even the latest atlases, MasterCard has moved swiftly and aggressively to establish its presence and undergird the international value of card membership for its users," explained Alex W.
In an intentional manner, I unpack the contours of the knowledge-formation claims which undergird womanist theology.