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Potential licensees in the female undergarment industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the Underwear Protector on a worldwide basis.
The officer found plastic bags containing a white substance hidden in the defendant's undergarment.
Even though such undergarments, still de riguer among most outdoor athletes, are recyclable, their petroleum-based roots means they're hardly ecofriendly.
Her Hollywood Secrets undergarment line reshapes the body and enhances attributes.
The 30-year-old Emirati mother testified that she saw the teacher put his hand inside her daughter's undergarment when she went to check on her children.
As the product launch took place yesterday in Los Angeles, the lingerie firm boasted: "The Perfect One bra is the ideal undergarment for achieving the perfect silhouette.
Most people know the feeling of a good supportive undergarment.
The challenges all seemed to be easy enough, except for the Mormon's undergarment thing.
Tradition or even now, people still claim that undergarment is essentially an apparel not to be freely exposed or merely serve as a function of covering our private part.
Riding the tide of increasing sports club membership by seniors, Wacoal has come out with the "Grappi" undergarment brand that is growing at an unprecedented rate.
I have also told the girls that their choice of undergarment would not be checked up on, nor would anything further happen.
Every Protective Undergarment has a built in support system that contains a Pocket-Sling[TM] manufactured by Tailored Technologies.
20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, premium men's undergarment brand Tommy John launches the lightest men's underwear ever created, aptly called Air.
A method for placing a feminine hygiene article in the crotch portion of an undergarment having a crotch portion bounded on opposite sides by portions of curved leg openings, the method comprising the steps of: a.
To teach individuals how to control their physiology, AFTE requires a six- to 12-hour training session using feedback from a thin, camisole-like undergarment.