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The fabric of today's undergarments conforms to the body unlike ages ago when women could barely sit and eat.
Even though such undergarments, still de riguer among most outdoor athletes, are recyclable, their petroleum-based roots means they're hardly ecofriendly.
put his hands inside the schoolgirl's undergarment and groped her.
He thought making a mockery of the strange undergarment might cancel out its protective shield for his soul.
Private Structure undergarment could provide fundamental urge towards greater physical freedom.
The Grappi undergarments help to maintain shape without being too restrictive.
Headteacher Anna Roxburgh wrote to parents of Year 6 girls, aged 10-11, after hearing that some were wearing the skimpy undergarments to Hamp Junior School in Bridgwater, Somerset.
The product is a departure from other items in the category as it is a washable, reusable undergarment that's fitted with disposable liners.
Protective Undergarment Using Improved Hook and Loop Fasteners: Frederica V.
Moreover, the Underwear Protector is easy to implement on any undergarment will be cost effective for stores to purchase in bulk.
The TopLiner Booster Contour insert "lines the top" of any disposable brief, undergarment, or pull-up, It increases absorbency while stopping leakage and minimizing changes.
To teach individuals how to control their physiology, AFTE requires a six- to 12-hour training session using feedback from a thin, camisole-like undergarment.
Every Protective Undergarment has a built in support system that contains a Pocket-Sling[TM] manufactured by Tailored Technologies.
Among the five "Series Blanc" images, 1995-98, is a picture of a girl in a white lace dress clearly meant to be worn with an undergarment she lacks; at face value, the implications of this image are varied and obvious, but what remains unresolve dis whether this situation involves an unaware girl being subjected to a sophisticated sexual coding or merely documents one of those moments when a youth begins to understand titillation, fetish, and transgression.