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expose to too little light

expose insufficiently

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Short exposure time caused by high frame rate in high speed video recording usually produces underexposed images.
I hope our other relatively underexposed MPs take note.
The restaurant also offers what it calls the Coya Collective - with a music scene and a showcase of a variety of established photographers, artists, illustrators, sculptors, poets and underexposed talent with year round hosted events.
Panelist Ryan Magarian, a cofounder of Aviation American Gin and "modern urban saloon" Oven and Shaker in Portland, OR, has done some consulting in the Phoenix area, and he said it's still an underexposed cocktail market for three reasons: 1) Lack of consumer exposure to craft; 2) the challenge of finding leadership to help run a "revenue-positive" cocktail bar; and 3) a lack of understanding by operators in those markets.
It was a bright day, and the photographers among you will know that if you take a picture of a man with his back to the sun, you need to switch on your flash to prevent his face from being underexposed.
AST Goldman Sachs Multi-Asset Portfolio, which provides access to traditionally underexposed "growth markets" regions.
And yet another rare chance to hear the reclusive Emeli Sande booming out her underexposed anthems.
It is much easier to coax detail out of shadowy underexposed areas than to put colour back into overexposed areas.
The countless contributions that African American women have made to society have, unfortunately, remained widely unexposed or underexposed.
Regardless, the deeper blacks don't lead to the footage to becoming underexposed, so that's a saving grace.
Summary: Our green spy speaks out about the UAE's underexposed shark trade
It can also locate and decode codes that are overexposed or underexposed, without requiring multiple retries.
Evans has a few of the problems typical of young short-story writers, but for the most part, this is a collection of perfectly conceived little tales that look at underexposed corners of American life.
10 Goodwood, nap) Street Cry colt who appears effective on any ground and ran into an underexposed rival when beaten two and a quarter lengths by Pisco Sour at Windsor on his latest start.