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an appraisal that underestimates the value of something

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The court also ruled that it could consider whether to sever and stay the bad-faith claim entirely if the bad-faith claims were not strictly limited to underevaluation, inasmuch as situations other than under-evaluation claims would not so closely share evidence in common with medical and damages evidence, which would be introduced during the UIM proceeding.
Thus, an underevaluation bias exists even for "voluntary" sales of property to the government, at least for individuals who do not have sufficient political influence to counter such a bargaining-power advantage.
In short, if the attraction is strong, ambivalence will tend to produce at the prorata an overestimation of Parti Quebecois support with a corresponding underevaluation of Liberal support.
Cook-Lynn also finds an underevaluation of the role of federal Indian policy in relation to the production of Native creative literature.
But more needs to be done to correct our underevaluation of the sacredness of children's lives.