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Synonyms for undercurrent

Synonyms for undercurrent

a subtle quality underlying or felt to underlie a situation, action, or person

Synonyms for undercurrent

a subdued emotional quality underlying an utterance


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a current below the surface of a fluid

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There has been a nasty undercurrent in Scottish politics ever since the independence referendum in 2014 and it needs to stop.
With more pop notes than her previous albums, Undercurrents falls solidly into the type of folk that's synonymous with early Indigo Girls.
remember undercurrent of tension the but the one didn't it school HOWEL LOVELL Once we arrived in Banbury, a group of us went to the outdoor swimming pool where a local lad decided to flex his muscles and started bullying one of the smaller Stringer kids, ducking him under the water and giving him the occasional shove and comment.
But the excursion went tragically wrong when first Mr Gupta's father got into trouble in the strong undercurrent in the water.
09 -- Undercurrent is a valuable contribution to the region's artistic agenda, as it highlights a number of outstanding Egyptian artists," said Amel B.
If that description carries an undercurrent of bodily harm, it's only appropriate: Director Guillermo del Toro, late of Hellboy and Blade II, brings all his horror prowess to bear on this most adult of children's stories.
I talk to a lot of folks, and that is the undercurrent I'm hearing,'' Williams agreed.
Undercurrent will be projected onto the walls of the National Glass Centre during the opening night gala of AV in Sunderland.
The lines between the barriers were echoed in Undercurrent, 2004, a mat woven of electrical cords, each of which snakes out from the center to end in a lightbulb that pulses slowly on and off.
For all the success that outsourcing firms have claimed in the past few years, a recently released study finds a notable undercurrent of dissatisfaction among their customers.
It is when "Shark Tale' turns its attention to Lenny that it veers toward an undercurrent of approval for homosexuality," warned Ed Vitagliano, news editor of the AFA Journal.
If that doesn't pull you in, then perhaps "the smooth, round palate of profound richness whose initial restorative reverberation is balanced by a dreamlike undercurrent of bittersweet chocolate" will do the trick.
Joseph Cipolla and Silvia Jimenez as Elgar and his wife provided a restless undercurrent, tempered by Victorian manners.
The undercurrent of the amnesia and violence that seems to envelope Eden's descendants, to the point where it belies the town's initial reason for being, develops into an interesting tale about truths, including those which are historical, spiritual, emotional, political, and ultimately, ancestral.
But there's also an undercurrent of political menace as Britain attempts to foster war with neighbouring Burma.