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Synonyms for underbred

(of persons) lacking in refinement or grace

of inferior or mixed breed

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It is the most dangerous of all delusions as others have since discovered, a lesson brought home to us by a handful of scruffy farmers of Dutch descent riding underbred ponies during the Boer War.
In his "Noctes Nimrodianae" for January 1833, "Nimrod" discusses the value of underbred hounds with the "Editor" of the New Sporting Magazine:
In an impassioned speech, Hester tells Carthage that she has more of a right to be on the bog than he or anyone else in the group does, that she is proud of her tinker blood, because it gives her "an edge" enabling her to see Carthage and company for the "inbred, underbred, bog-brained shower" that they are.
2) Other journalists covering grade inflation wrote with a belligerent tone of moral disdain, as if grades fell into a perfect bell curve until 1995 or so when a pack of whiny, slacker undergrads aided and abetted by spineless, liberal professors tossed the venerable bell curve onto the dustbin of history and opened the floodgates to allow a horde of under-motivated, under-achieving, undereducated, underbred, underdressed, marauding Mongols into the previously unsullied Emerald City of educational excellence.
It has in its relaxed self-abandonment something underbred and ignoble, as of a youth ill brought up, without the training which teaches us that we must put some constraint upon our feelings and upon the expression of them.
You must not get a snake or anything like it, and do try to remember that to court notoriety by bizarre actions is underbred and unladylike.
The reliably stuffy Virginia Woolf called it the "illiterate, underbred book .
They also affect the morals of young women: Richardson calls the theater a "strange school" for the daughters of the tradesmen in the city, "impudently propagating, by heightened Action and Scenical Example, to an underbred and unwary Audience, Fornication, Adultery, Rapes and Murders" (17).
While public school represents a happy improvement over this underbred institution, Tom himself carries on the anti-feminine ethic, advising a new boy at Rugby, "`don't ever talk about home or your mother and sisters'" (188).