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an assistant or second-in-command to a chief (especially in a crime syndicate)

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The film features a melee of gang leaders, underbosses and soldiers, all manipulated by Mr Chairman, while a series of conflicting crews spend much of the time coming up with increasingly imaginative ways to decimate their opponents.
The born-again capos and underbosses of the Bush Administration (the President himself; Tom DeLay, majority leader in the House; Senators Rick Santorum [R.
The Mob of The Sopranos frowns upon its members, particularly underbosses like Tony, discussing 'the business' with anyone outside it, and it is made clear early on that Tony's life will be in danger if it gets out that he is seeing a psychiatrist.
Like good underbosses, the careerist soldiers stuck by their bishops.
It was there that she got a good look at Reebok's contractors, the underbosses of all the apparel, footwear, computer and toy companies.
Instead of just five Mob families, there are a few hundred Retail families, each headed by its own don, and each with its underbosses, captains, counselors and assorted crews.