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an assistant or second-in-command to a chief (especially in a crime syndicate)

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New York Police Department initially believed Cali's murder had been a mob hit, given his history as an underboss in the Gambino crime family.
He had also made enemies when he did not attend the funeral of Aneillo "Neil" Dellacroce, one of his underbosses, then named bodyguard Tommy Bilotti as a new underboss despite his lack of skills for the job.
Be it the CIA handler or the various narco underbosses you interact with, all have no depth in their characters.
As his wealth grows, Versaglio's business practices become tainted with moblike corruption and violence, mostly due to the obscure doings of Lucas Mendez, Severos brother-in-law and underboss. In an unexpected turn of events, Versaglio is arrested and expelled from Odria's inner circle when Mendez seeks to overthrow Odria and kill Severo to consolidate his own network of economic and political influence; in the end, the failed overthrow sends Mendez into exile and precipitates the demise of Severos fortune.
An underboss, betrayal, and an impossible beast that comes to life all add to an engrossing, slowly evolving story of horror and impossible events that immerse a detective in struggles he'd never have believed possible before meeting psychic little old lady Helen.
He was eventually swayed by The Underboss - homemade meatballs, in a spicy tomato sauce with Mediterranean bread (PS5.95).
Anthony Casso: Underboss of the Lucchese crime family, murder, conspiracy and racketeering.
Gotti's so-called underboss Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano has been credited with helping the FBI eventually bring Gotti to justice.
Other mafiosi at the hospital have included John Franzese, an underboss of the Colombo crime family convicted of racketeering; and John Riggi, former boss of the DeCavalcante crime family, released in November after 22 years at various prisons.
The underboss is the cabinet minister appointed to oversee proceedings, occasionally reshuffled to add to the confusion.
For decades, Mafioso from Joseph Valachi (The Valachi Papers) to Henry Hill (Wise Guys and Goodfellas) to Salvatore Gravano (Underboss) have violated the traditional code of silence, looking to cash in on their criminal pasts with potentially lucrative careers as newly minted truthtellers.
This mafia-style network will have 5 'Dons' as the heads of the organization and 50 'Families.' There would be one family for each state with a boss, underboss, capo, soldiers and associates.
The Underboss is often selected because he represents a powerful minority wing in the family
* A five-year, 2,117 s/f lease for Underboss Productions, LLC.