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Synonyms for underbelly

lower side

the soft belly or underside of an animal's body

the quality of being weak or unprotected

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While Underbelly is the most recent example, two shows that demonstrate our pervasive interest in true-crime TV are the iconic police series Homicide and the groundbreaking crime-drama telemovie Blue Murder (Michael Jenkins, 1995).
Underbelly is presenting The Comedy Hullabaloo in association with Stratfordupon-Avon Arts Festival and the RSC.
That is certainly going to be the idea of the club next year, we have to have an underbelly and if you do you are going to have player resilience, you can train well, there will be competition for places and even if the players underneath aren't quite of the same level, it keeps everyone on their toes.
Combined with a heavy-duty suspension and improved tires, the DVH design helps channel the effects of underbelly blasts away from Soldiers riding in Strykers--increasing Soldier survivability in the event of an IED strike.
Some members of the audience, however, felt that it was only the underbelly of India that the West was interested in.
Standout tracks are Counters (they do like songs about suicide), which belies its subject matter with wah-wah pop, and Up All Night - an Undertones-inspired guitar anthem which slips a sharp knife into the soft underbelly of Big Brother celebrity culture.
Contractors have been at the site day and night since the extended closure began last week, frantically building structures to prop up the underbelly.
Procreation isn't something to be taken lightly," muses Andrew (Peter Cambor) in "Notes From the Underbelly," a new ABC sitcom about the joys and perils of pregnancy, and, true to that statement, the show is free of all those pesky jokes that usually clutter up situation comedies.
Rumored to be covered and appearing are staples of the underbelly including Thomas Campbell, ET, Gonz, Claire Rojas, Ari Marcopoulos, Barry McGee, Samo, Phil Frost, Glen Friedman, Wes Humpston, Shepard Fairey, ESPO, Mike Mills, KAWS, REAS, Cheryl Dunn, Andy "AJ" Jenkins, Spike Jonze, and Geoff McFetridge.
The answer, use the extra time and underbelly space to carry goods," Kaul added.
The 1031 Exchange has become one of the most significant estate tax planning techniques in a dwindling list of estate tax strategies due to the various tax reform statutes that have eliminated many windfalls and loopholes which are the unintended but inevitable result of clever people poking at the soft underbelly of tax legislation.
As Ishiguro slowly and carefully unveils the truth about Hailsham, he reveals the dark underbelly of a post-war society prepared to take any measures, no matter how extreme, in order to vanquish its own loss and suffering.
Community partners get exposure by placing banners on the blimp's underbelly for several weeks during the summer.
The author also examines the seedy underbelly of gambling and organized crime that brainy gamblers sometimes encounter.
The latest in the indie powerhouse's noir lit series crawls along the creepy underbelly of a city usually associated with light, bright pride.