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a student who does not perform as well as expected or as well as the IQ indicates

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Underachievers often exhibit low self-concept or low self-efficacy (Bruns, 1992; Dowdall & Colangelo, 1982; Ford, 1996; Supplee, 1990; Whitmore, 1980).
For every spotlight-capturing Cinderella team in the NCAA Tournament, there has to be an underachiever.
Guy LaFlob" by Thor Challgren is about a 30-year-old underachiever who dreams of playing pro hockey.
Wade's next outing will be against Dutch underachiever Michael van Gerwen, who posted an improved display to oust Peter Wright 3-1 on Wednesday evening.
Reyes explained that coach Luis Aragones has made it his mission to instill his side with belief so they can finally shake off their big-tournament underachiever tag.
Songwriter Dexter Holland and his publishing company Underachiever Music accepted the framed certificate for "Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)," which was performed by The Offspring (of which Holland is a member) on Columbia Records.
CROZAN has been a perennial underachiever but he looks like he is competing at an appropriate level in the Class 3 handicap chase at Perth (4.
Cammalleri had been seen as something of an underachiever in his first two seasons with the Kings, but the team had high hopes for Cammalleri after he was the second-highest scorer in the AHL last season.
GUUS HIDDINK has blasted England as underachiever s and claimed they have been "scared" at the last two World Cups.
MICHAEL HOURIGAN, who likes finding unusual names for his horses, has decided to call one of his latest addition The Underachiever after reading about the recent on-air row between Barney Curley, John McCririck and Luke Harvey.
amp;uot;Charlie Brown appeals to me as a lovable underachiever who is always a little depressed about his shortcomings.
He was a genial underachiever, spongily overweight with untrimmed hair and a certain bemused air of resignation - no, things hadn't gone for him as planned, but, well, it could be worse.
Tursunov isn't always one to trust, but the Russian underachiever is a class act at his best and his game should be suited to the pacy Greenset courts.
In addition to Fischer, the cast includes John Krasinski as Jim, a wry underachiever who's still the outpost's most competent employee, and Rainn Wilson as Dwight, a power-hungry toady whom Jim delights in taunting.