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Synonyms for underachieve

perform less well or with less success than expected


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If teachers are more confident about the way they teach and plan then children do not underachieve, they achieve a lot.
It took me some time to realise that I had to be well versed in all those areas, otherwise I would always underachieve.
The reason GH gets such strong support from other managers is that they know that under him Liverpool will continue to underachieve.
Northwest Development Agency chief executive Steve Broomhead welcomed the improvement but said: ``We have no room for complacency, given the strengths we have in the north west we continue to underachieve.
In the classroom, young women still shirk physics and information technology lessons, traditionally dominated by boys, while young men remain much more likely to underachieve in education.
BRADFORD boss Chris Hutchings has warned seven of his first-team squad they face the axe if they continue to underachieve.
The fact Perez engaged in such bold, public criticism of a teammate would seem to indicate a lack of cohesiveness inside the Dodgers clubhouse, a common trait among teams that underachieve and have losing records.